Third Party Professionals


Tom Meaux, Tax Solutions, LLC

Phone: (404) 816-7770

Henry Spil, Magellan Tax Consultants

Phone: (404) 257-8811

Nick Ford, Business Accounting Services

Phone: (770) 451-1360


Ritu Verma, KPPB Law

Phone: (678) 443-2214

Megan Richards, Gregory Doyle Law Firm

Phone: (770) 422-1776

Larry Freiman, Menden Freiman Law Firm

Phone: (770) 379-1450


The attorneys and accountants listed above are provided as a convenience to our clients and in no way represent a recommendation or an endorsement of these businesses. These parties are not affiliated with Generational Financial Partners LLC or NYLIFE Securities LLC. Choosing a third-party advisor is strictly the client's choice and responsibility.