Lowering Your Taxes

How Independent Contractor Physicians can potentially save an additional 20% through a Qualified Business Income Deduction

Being an independent contractor physician (ICP) can be GREAT because as a business owner, it allows multiple ways to lower your taxable income via deductions. For example: 50% of social security & medicare tax, health insurance premiums, purchasing a car, home office expenses (including cellphones and computers), and most importantly, retirement contributions ($55k/year in 2018, $61k/year if 50+. More if you add your spouse as an employee or participate in a defined benefit plan). With the sweeping tax reform of 2018, ICPs can potentially save an additional 20% via the Qualified Business Income (QBI) deduction.

Case Study: ICP Hospitalist

In order for most personal services professionals to utilize the QBI, a married couple has to keep their taxable income under $315k (phased out from $315k-$415k). The rule states that the deduction is equal to or lesser of 20% of the taxpayer’s QBI or 20% of the taxpayer’s net capital gain. By utilizing the QBI, this ICP saved about $10.7k (assuming a 25% effective tax rate).

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