Jesus Pineda

Growing up I never imagined a career as a Financial Advisor. Like many other kids I had dreams of playing in the NBA, being an astronaut or maybe even a physician! As I was finishing my degree at Arizona State University, I decided to take a part time job at a local credit union and the financial world just blew my mind. I could not believe how uneducated I was when it came to my personal finances—What was even more eye opening was the realization that our clients were worse off than I was!

This experience motivated me to make a difference in people’s financial futures and inspired me to pursue this career that I love so much. In 2009, I began my career as a Financial Advisor, founded Legacy Avenue, LLC to better serve our clients and now am a proud Partner at Generational Financial Partners, LLC (GenFi).

When I am not working or pursuing professional designations I love to spend time with my wife, Amanda and our four children—Mila, Micah, Ezra and Luca. We love all things Disney, are crazy busy with sports and just enjoy spending time together with our dogs Booker and Chewy.